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Unemployment Compensation Services

IHA Insurance Solutions offers cost effective administration of unemployment compensation claims. We are solely focused on reducing unemployment compensation costs for Illinois health care providers. We offer a sophisticated package of services designed to assist with the development of policies, procedures and proper documentation. Staff has integral knowledge of unemployment laws and regulations and constructive working relationships with local unemployment compensation offices throughout the state, resulting in an average "win rate" of 70% for cases that proceed to hearing.

Unemployment Insurance provides cash benefits to workers who have become unemployed through no fault of their own. Benefits are paid to the employee by a State agency and charged back to the worker's base period employers.

By assisting you with policies, procedures and proper documentation, IRMS can successfully defend non-meritorious claims preventing unnecessary charges from being assessed to your unemployment account, thereby reducing your organization's annual unemployment liability to the State.

IRMS offers a comprehensive package of services to reduce and maintain unemployment compensation costs at the lowest level possible.

  • Full-service Unemployment Insurance administration through Board of Review
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Sophisticated knowledge of Illinois Unemployment Laws and Regulations
  • Integral knowledge and working relationship with local Unemployment Compensation offices
  • Educational workshops
  • Quarterly claim reports
  • Comprehensive review of personnel policies and practices
  • Verification of Charge Statement and Separation Forms

Clients using our services have validated the cost control benefits and actual dollar savings of working with IRMS.

IRMS offers extremely competitive pricing based on annual average of all-status employees or a per claim arrangement.