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Illinois Compensation Trust: Workers' Compensation

The Illinois Compensation Trust (ICT) is a hospital-owned workers' compensation program approximately 100 health care organizations in Illinois. Founded in 1979, ICT has consistently returned dividends to its participating hospitals every year since 1982, with total dividends amounting to over $63 million since program inception.

The Trust is managed by Illinois Risk Management Services (IRMS) which provides claims handling, risk management and other administrative services to the members.

IRMS has developed and adheres to a set of policies and procedures specifically designed for the health care industry, creating expert operating and performance standards that guide every aspect of the claims management and loss control process.

ICT Loss Control Resources - The ICT Library of safety and risk management resources offers policies, procedures and other tools to assist in addressing your health and safety concerns.  Designed to improve employee safety at your facility these resources have been used by hospitals nationwide.  If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Clint Parram at (630) 276-5646 or Deidre Harris at (630) 276-5414. (WC e-Solutions)