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  •   MAIC/IRMS Webinar
    Principles of Contemporary Peer Review

    November 3, 2015 Noon to 1:15pm
    Featured Guest Speaker: Mark A. Smith, MD, MBA, FACS
    Physician peer review is a process intended to protect patients and improve the quality of care delivered at hospitals, but too frequently physicians don't trust or are indifferent to the process, rendering the peer review ineffective. In a contemporary peer review program, the emphasis is on educating, not shaming the physician undergoing peer review.  Today, whether you are a small rural facility or a large tertiary care organization - peer review should be focused on aggregated numbers discussed at multi-specialty forums that result in informing the medical staff on how to implement and sustain improvements. 
    This program is complimentary to IRMS/MAIC clients.
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  • New FAQ: "No Narcotic" Policy
    Our hospital is considering a "no narcotic" policy to restrict the administration of narcotic medications by emergency physicians for patients with complaints of chronic pain, such as back pain or migraine headaches.  Are there any risk management concerns?
    Register for MAPS PSO Safe Table Event
    Workplace Violence in Healthcare

    October 27th, Naperville or
    December 4th, Springfield

    Don't miss this exciting safe table event - Workplace Violence in Healthcare.  Learn and share insights to minimize staff and patient harm during a violent event.  For non-MAPS member healthcare providers, come see what all the PSO fuss is about and take this singular opportunity to attend at no cost in one of our IHA offices.

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    - Listen and learn from a nationally recognized speaker
    - Discuss your events in a legally protected environment

    "Excellent forum for collaboration and open discussion" - previous Safe Table Participant

    Learn more at MidwestAlliancePSO.org or contact Helga Brake, Director, Midwest Alliance for Patient Safety at MAPSHelp@ihastaff.org or 630.276.5657
  •  ICT Expands Classes of Eligible Business for Workers' Comp
    Illinois Compensation Trust is excited to announce that workers' compensation coverage has been expanded to the following classes of business: Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers (FQHC), Nursing Homes, Home Health Agencies, and Hospices.  Click on the link above to lean more.
  •  ICT Newsletter,  August 2015

  • New Memo: New Law Eases Cross-State Physician Licensure

  • IRMS Actuarial Services
    For Captives, Self Insured and Alternative Risk Structures
    The Illinois Risk Management Services (IRMS) Actuarial Service is an actuarial consulting firm that focuses on property and casualty coverages with special emphasis on medical malpractice and workers' compensation.  Please take a look at our latest brochure to learn more about this high level service.
  • REAP Saves IPT Hospitals Over $760,000 in 2015 
    The Illinois Provider Trust's (IPT) is a pooled risk program, providing hospital professional and general liability coverage to 29 Illinois hospitals.  A cornerstone of IPT is the Risk Exposure Adjustment Program (REAP), which has been designed to identify and help reduce exposures impacting claims severity and frequency.  REAP provides IPT hospitals with risk criteria established using evidence-based guidelines and best practices.  Compliance with REAP results in reduced annual contribution to the Trust, and the implementation of REAP criteria contributes to patient safety and quality care.  To read more Click Here or for more information, contact Cheryl Hellyer at 630.276.5672.
  • ICT  Announces Record $4.6 Million Dividend for 2014
    Illinois Compensation Trust (ICT) is pleased to announce a record-setting 2014 member dividend of $4.6 million.  This year's dividend represents 31.7% of total member contributions.  Since 1982, the program has returned more than $71 million to participating hospitals.  ICT, managed by Illinois Risk Management Services, a part of IHA Business Solutions, is a hospital-owned workers' compensation program serving nearly 100 hospitals and related health care organizations in Illinois.  Staff contact: Dianne O'Donnell
  • IPT Announces Record $5.8 Million Dividend for 2014
    Illinois Provider Trust (IPT) is pleased to announce a $5.8 million dividend for 2014, the largest dividend in IPT program history.  This year's member dividend represents a return of approximately 55% of the average member's total primary contribution.  More than $77 million in dividends have been issued to IPT members since 1979.  IPT, managed by Illinois Risk Management Services, part of IHA Business Solutions, is a Hospital Professional/General Liability program serving Illinois hospitals and their affiliated physicians.  Staff contact: Dianne O'Donnell
  • OSHA Requires Mandatory Posting of Injury/Illness Summary Form
    To comply with the OSHA recordkeeping rules posting OSHA's Form 300A is required.  The 300A summarizes the total number of
    job-related injuries and illnesses that occurred during 2014 and were logged on OSHA's Form 300.  The summary must be posted between February 1 and April 30, 2015.
  • IRMS Workers' Compensation Shares Return to Work Best Practice
    Illinois Risk Management Services (IRMS) Workers' Compensation program, a part of IHA Business Solutions, has released the fifth installment in their Capstone series on member best practices.  "Return to Work" features a community health system's successful approach to re-engaging employees injured on the job while simultaneously reducing hospital cost and fostering a culture of caring.

    This best practice was presented at the IRMS' 2014 Workers' Compensation Symposium, illustrating how information sharing and collaboration can assist in reducing overall worker's compensation costs.

    Previous Capstone summaries have highlighted other key issues such as pre-employment testing policies; slip, trip and fall prevention; and hazard prevention strategies.  Staff contact: Mike Baiardo 
  • "NIOSH List of Antineoplastic & Other Hazardous Drugs in Healthcare Settings, 2014"
    NIOSH has released the above posting, an updated list of the hazardous drugs that healthcare workers administer to patients, such as those used for cancer therapy.  The agency estimates 8 million US healthcare workers are potentially exposed to such drugs in their workplaces.